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UK Standard Bed Sizes and Dimensions 0

One of the most common questions we have been asked over the years is ‘what size is a king size bed?’  This confusion is however not limited to just one bed size.

The following bed size information to clear up the confusion caused by the different names that are used to refer to different bed sizes. 

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What Does the Number of Springs in a Pocket Sprung Mattress Actually Mean? 0

The first point to establish is the number of springs in a mattress does not always directly give a signal to its level of firmness.  There are a number of factors that can affect this in the engineering of a spring and different manufacturing methods can alter the way higher spring counts can be achieved.
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Medical Benefits From Memory Foam Support 0

On the quest for a more productive day, research has shown that a more productive sleep at night can be one of the healthiest solutions.  Sleep requires relaxation, and that means sleeping a good night's sleep.  Pressure on muscles must be evenly distributed throughout the body in a way that keeps our bodies fully relaxed, that means keeping the joints well accommodated.  Memory foam does this in a very natural and relaxing way.
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